Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm little less wise

I had my all four of my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. Yuck!! I had a lot of anxiety over having them pulled. I don't know why things like minor surgery freaks me out but it just does. Now I'm on day two of the healing process. I actually felt better yesterday than I do today. I was all nice and numb from the novacaine and now I'm trying to stay on top of the pain pills. I've never been a fan of pain pills.

Piper was not a fan of how I looked coming out of surgery yesterday. They wheeled me out of the recovery room and into the little waiting room where Josh and Piper were waiting. My mouth was stuffed with gauze, I had my fancy head dress on, and an IV still sticking in my arm. Piper took one look at me and just started bawling. Poor little thing...her mom did look pretty scary.

I'm happy It's over with and I can't wait to start eating normal food again.

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  1. Now you can relate to your Mom last summer and on that diet she had to do. God Bless !! May time past fast. Love Gramp and Gram