Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Butterfly House

Josh, Piper, and I had an awesome family outing today. We went to the Butterfly House in Sertoma Park. We were meaning to take Piper there for her birthday but she ended up getting sick. It was a good thing we waited though because since her birthday they added a fish room.

Piper loved the fish. We went to one tank and all the fish swam right up to her.

She kept saying "out" to the fish. She wanted us to take the fish out of the tank.

The "Flight Room" is a large room where they keep all the butterflies and it was a little bit scary at first. There are so many butterflies and they swoop every where. One rather large butterfly landed on my head at one point and started flapping was not a pleasant feeling.

Josh and I had so much fun taking pictures of all the butterflies.

Piper was in pure awe most of the time we were in the "flight room". She would get super excited when a bunch of butterflies would fly by.

When we were planning our trip I wasn't sure if it was worth the money. It's about the same price as going to the zoo and all you see is butterflies and fish. It was such an unique experience to be in a room full of all sorts of butterflies. We are already planning our trip back!

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