Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesdays with Piper

It's so cold Out!
I had to put Piper's extra warm sweater on her today while we went to run errands.

We then got home and she spent the next 45min throwing her toys and spitting.

Yep this is my life and I love it!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh Top of Mt Hood

Josh's sister came to visit us last weekend. We had so much fun having her here. We were able to hit up some of our favorite places one last time like Laurelwood, Porque No? and The Waffle Window.

On Saturday we took Kristi somewhere we had never been before. We headed up Mt. Hood to have brunch at Timberline Lodge.

For one thing it was the best buffet I have ever had! Also Timberline Lodge was so cool. It was pretty cold and rainy up there but the scenery was amazing. I'm still wondering why we waited so long to take a trip to the mountain.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

5 months old!

I can't believe that Piper is already 5 months old!
Wow does time fly by when your a baby. It seems like she grows a little everyday.
She's rolling all over the place. She loves talking to all her toys.
She has also become very cuddly this last month and I love it!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Where do you go when you can't go home?

Today was our open house to sell our home. Josh was out of town so Piper and I had a few hours to kill on our own. We headed down to the Pearl District. I haven't been downtown forever and when ever I head that way I realize how much I miss living there.

We went to Noodles for lunch and scored a free meal. The register wasn't working and they forgot to give me my salad so they comped my meal! How awesome is that!

After lunch we headed over to Powell's. I had a stack of books I wanted to sell and Piper had a $20.00 gift card to use. With my assistance I'd say she picked out some pretty great books. We're both pretty crazy about Are You My Mother. It's interactive!

We then went for a little walk around town. Days like today make me realize how much I'm really going to miss Portland. I'm so happy that I've had 3 wonderful years here. I'm just so lucky that I've been able to live in such an awesome city!!

Breakfast Special

Piper was up at 2am this morning. She wasn't hungry and she wasn't happy either. Josh had an early morning flight to take so that meant I had to figure out how to get her back to sleep. I could tell by her wide eyes that this could take a while. We headed out to the living room to cuddle. Lucky for me there was a really fun program on PBS about breakfasts.
You can check it out here!

Once again PBS came to my rescue on a sleepless night!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Clams for Dinner

I have to say I love having clams for dinner. I had never eaten clams until I moved to Portland.
They are so yummy and easy to make!
Josh and I found a fish market that most of the restaurants in town buy their sea food. The clams were super cheap and made a great Saturday night meal.

I thought I'd also share a picture of Piper in her onesie that her daddy made her. Notice the little green toy in the bottom left corner. That is Piper's all time favorite toy. She could sit and talk to that thing for hours. It's hilarious!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'll never do that agian

I brought Piper to work with me yesterday.

Josh has been working a ton so that means I'm on Piper duty. I love when I get to stay home with with little peanut but unfortunately I need to get people trained in on my tasks at work before we move. I was supposed to train one co-worker on some of the marketing stuff I do and train another co-worker on some the rental stuff I do. The person I was training to do marketing figured stuff out right away so that was great. Unfortunately I never really got around to training rental stuff. I had some really important phone calls I had to make regarding my rentals. Each time I'd try to call one of these groups Piper would start to fuss. At one point my boss (my big boss) picked up Piper and walked around the gym with her so I could take care of the phone call...yikes! The other problem having Piper at work was every 5 min someone would either walk into the office of up to the counter to ooo and ahh. I love showing off my adorable baby girl but showing her off is very distracting and takes up a lot of time.

I love the fact that my supervisors were so willing to let me bring my little gal to work but I only got to a fraction of the things I wanted to accomplished. I love being around Piper, she's just so wonderful but I think I need to keep my work life and my family life separate. I was not a good mom while Piper was at work and I also was not a good employee.

I'm glad I've had this learning experience to know I need to keep work and family life separate.

On another note....here are a couple of photos from the backyard.
It's full of roses and spiders!

Monday, August 16, 2010


As I type this at 10:36pm it's still 86 degrees in my house.


I've really enjoyed this summer because it been a cool one but this latest heat wave is starting to get to me.

Little Piper doesn't seem to mind the heat at all. I've been making sure there is a fan blowing on her during the hottest times of the days. She is is just so laid back!

The last two nights she's fallen asleep in her crib all on her own.
No being rocked to sleep, no swaddling!
I can't believe it!
Lets hope she keeps this up!

Home Sweet Home....but not for long.

If you remember this post and this post you'll know we went through a lot to buy our little home.
Well believe it or not after living in our home for 4 months we have put it up for sale.

About two weeks ago Josh had an opportunity to interview for a really great job in Sioux Falls South Dakota. They offered him the job and we feel this is something we really can't pass up. We'll be so much closer to our families. Trying to put a price on our families being able to watch Piper grow is priceless. We decided that the best thing we could do is put our house up for sale and start figuring out how to make our way back to the Mid-West. We really like our house and I have to say I did cry a little when the for sale sign went up in the front yard. We are both really excited for this new chapter to start in our lives. I can already guarantee the next few months will be pretty crazy but it's stuff like this that makes life so much fun.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Recent Reads

I thought once I had a baby I would never have time to sit down and read a book ever again. Surprisingly between my time spent breast pumping and trying to fall back asleep at 2 am after being woken up by a crying baby I've found the time.
Here's my most recent reads.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's already August!

Why does summer always seem to fly by so fast! The days are getting so much shorter and today felt eerily fall like.

Josh's family leave ended this week:( It's going to be hard getting used to being on my own a few days a week. I'm going to miss having him home in the evenings the most. It's so nice to sit down and eat a meal as a family, go for a walk and get Piper to bed all together. As you can see from the photo above the mornings were pretty great too!