Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'll never do that agian

I brought Piper to work with me yesterday.

Josh has been working a ton so that means I'm on Piper duty. I love when I get to stay home with with little peanut but unfortunately I need to get people trained in on my tasks at work before we move. I was supposed to train one co-worker on some of the marketing stuff I do and train another co-worker on some the rental stuff I do. The person I was training to do marketing figured stuff out right away so that was great. Unfortunately I never really got around to training rental stuff. I had some really important phone calls I had to make regarding my rentals. Each time I'd try to call one of these groups Piper would start to fuss. At one point my boss (my big boss) picked up Piper and walked around the gym with her so I could take care of the phone call...yikes! The other problem having Piper at work was every 5 min someone would either walk into the office of up to the counter to ooo and ahh. I love showing off my adorable baby girl but showing her off is very distracting and takes up a lot of time.

I love the fact that my supervisors were so willing to let me bring my little gal to work but I only got to a fraction of the things I wanted to accomplished. I love being around Piper, she's just so wonderful but I think I need to keep my work life and my family life separate. I was not a good mom while Piper was at work and I also was not a good employee.

I'm glad I've had this learning experience to know I need to keep work and family life separate.

On another are a couple of photos from the backyard.
It's full of roses and spiders!

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