Sunday, August 22, 2010

Where do you go when you can't go home?

Today was our open house to sell our home. Josh was out of town so Piper and I had a few hours to kill on our own. We headed down to the Pearl District. I haven't been downtown forever and when ever I head that way I realize how much I miss living there.

We went to Noodles for lunch and scored a free meal. The register wasn't working and they forgot to give me my salad so they comped my meal! How awesome is that!

After lunch we headed over to Powell's. I had a stack of books I wanted to sell and Piper had a $20.00 gift card to use. With my assistance I'd say she picked out some pretty great books. We're both pretty crazy about Are You My Mother. It's interactive!

We then went for a little walk around town. Days like today make me realize how much I'm really going to miss Portland. I'm so happy that I've had 3 wonderful years here. I'm just so lucky that I've been able to live in such an awesome city!!


  1. How did the Open house go? We are going to miss you!

  2. I think the open house went okay. We've had a couple of nibbles on the house but nothing that's really panned out yet.
    It really hasn't sunk in all the way that we're moving. We're going to miss you guys too! Thank goodness for blogs and facebook:)