Monday, August 16, 2010

Home Sweet Home....but not for long.

If you remember this post and this post you'll know we went through a lot to buy our little home.
Well believe it or not after living in our home for 4 months we have put it up for sale.

About two weeks ago Josh had an opportunity to interview for a really great job in Sioux Falls South Dakota. They offered him the job and we feel this is something we really can't pass up. We'll be so much closer to our families. Trying to put a price on our families being able to watch Piper grow is priceless. We decided that the best thing we could do is put our house up for sale and start figuring out how to make our way back to the Mid-West. We really like our house and I have to say I did cry a little when the for sale sign went up in the front yard. We are both really excited for this new chapter to start in our lives. I can already guarantee the next few months will be pretty crazy but it's stuff like this that makes life so much fun.

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