Saturday, April 16, 2011

12 Month Appointment

Earlier this week we had Piper's 12 month appointment. I'm sorry I haven't done a post about it yet but getting my wisdom teeth pulled really gave me no desire to blog. I'm still feeling a little goofy from the pain meds so bear with me...if my spelling and grammar is worse than normal blame it on the drugs.

She had a really great appointment for the most part. The Doctor was super impressed with how Piper's grossmoter skills have improved. She's right where she need to be in that department. She also is doing great socially. She knows way more words than she's expected too.

The thing the Doctor was concerned about though was Piper's weight. She only weighed 17.9 lbs which means she has fallen off the growth chart. The Doctor wasn't super concerned because Piper is so healthy and eats anything but it is something we have to keep an eye on.

The one thing we are struggling with getting Piper to drink is milk. At her age milk provides a large part of the fat and protein little ones get. Our doctor is great and discussed lots of different ways to get her to drink milk and she gets to eat lots of yogurt. As a parent you always get a little concerned when something about your child isn't "normal". I have an extremely skinny husband so it shouldn't be a surprise that my daughter is also very skinny. So while I still work on getting the last of my baby weight off I will contine to try to fatten up my husband and daughter:)


  1. This is going to sound super gross, but we also had trouble getting Harper to like milk at that age. It took adding apple juice to it and slowly weaning it down every few days with less juice and more milk to get her to take milk straight up. We used an apple juice from Trader Joe's that was unfiltered, no sweetners added, not from concentrate...if that sounds too much, maybe you could try mixing a flavored kefir and milk to get the same affect? I think we started with like half juice and half milk so it took over a week to wean it all the way down to just milk but she didn't blink an eye. Just what worked for us! =)

  2. Thanks Ashley! I'm going to try that for sure.