Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Heart Shadows

Actually I really don't care for shadows and it's something I try to avoid in most of my photography. The thing is shadows can add to a photo if done correctly. This weeks challenge at I Heart Faces is Shadows. I had to go through many of my photos to find one with a person and their shadow.

I ended up finding this photo of Piper that I took a few weeks ago. Her shadow isn't perfect..but it's there. I'm going to try to challage myself this week to see if I can get at least on good shadow shot. Hopefully the sun will come out to help me with this challenge!


  1. So sweet! I agree about avoiding shadows overall, but sometimes, they give a photo the perfect punch :)

  2. Super sweet, love how you incorporated these into the shot! Her name is precious too!


  3. super cute ! great shot