Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Who needs expensive toys

when you have an empty Kleenex box and a Godfathers Pizza coupon.
Seriously why do I worry about what to get her for her birthday when she's just going to play with the paper and bows.

Also here's a photo just for fun.

I'm still on my crutches, I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be off them by the end of this week. Since I'm still not able to walk around real well I have lots of time to process photos. I made lots of black and whites today, I love how they make her eyes pop.


  1. Just love to follow this each day. Keep it up. Love "Gramp and Gram"

  2. Thanks Grandma, I pretty much started this as a way to document Piper's milestones and post some of my photography. It really does give me intensive to keep it up when I know people are reading it. I'm not really a writer so I have to push myself sometimes to post things other than just photos.