Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sharp Little Teeth

Piper's growing and so are her teeth. She's a really good listener and if we hand her something and tell her not in the mouth she will control herself and manage not to put the object in her mouth. Most of the time though she manages to stick what ever thing she has in her mouth before we get a chance to tell her not to.

Yesterday while playing with her dad she took my get well soon balloon and bit a huge chunk out of it. She cried as her toy deflated and we tried to explain to her that's why you don't bite balloons.

Then later in the day I was letting her crumble up the Rolling Stone magazine my sitter had left for me to read, she all of a sudden she took a bite out of one of the pages.

I took the magazine away and wasn't really to concerned until I realized what she was looking at when she took the bite.

Okay, so I'm still nursing. I really hope that she wasn't trying to tell me something. Yikes!

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