Monday, March 14, 2011

Nap Time

We thought Piper was ready to switch to one nap a day versus a morning and an afternoon nap. Today was day 3 of one nap and we realized she's so not ready.

I'm looking forward to two naps tomorrow and a lot fewer mood swings!


  1. At least you know it isn't working and aren't going to force it! Not fun for anyone...

    For what it is worth, Harper and Guthrie both stayed with twice a day naps until they were around 18 - 20 months old.

  2. Josh is a little type A and always want's a list of ages things are supposed to happen. I think he's starting to figure out it's a lot of trial and error. Piper's a smart kid and she'll let us know when she's ready.

  3. Exactly. =) We're working on cutting down Guthrie's nuk attachment at the moment. It is definitely a process and little steps at a time. I'm hoping I can get her to be mostly if not all the way off of it before the new baby comes but we'll see!