Sunday, March 27, 2011

Slice of Life

This weekend we celebrated Piper's first birthday. It was a blast and there are a ton more photos to come!The theme for I Heart Faces photo challenge this week is slice of life. The goal is to post a more candid, journalistic photo. I was going to post a picture from our trip to the pumpkin patch last fall but as soon as I took this photo on Saturday I knew it would be perfect.

The photo is of Josh showing Piper her cat cake. She was so excited to see the kitty, little did she know at that point how good that kitty cake would taste.

I promise the next post will have photos of Piper eating her cake. Until then head over to I Heart Faces and check out the photos. So far the photos I've seen are amazing!


  1. Oh too cute. Love the choice of B&W.

  2. Great job in capturing this moment and he did a great job in keeping her from digging right in! :)