Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sioux Falls Saturday

Good news!! I'm off the crutches!!! I started walking without them yesterday and it feels so good to have two free hands to carry my baby girl and do random things like clear the table.
Here's Josh and Piper messing around with my crutches before I put them in the closet.
Piper kept crawling after them saying mum mum. Yep she associates me with my crutches...nice.

We've had some really great weather lately so that means we pretty much don't have any snow left. Yay! The snow does have to go some where and right now it's show flowing down the Sioux Falls Falls. Since I can somewhat walk again we decided to head down to Falls Park.
It was really busy and windy in the park so after some fresh air and a quick walk we headed off the dollar store and then home.

This evening Josh decided to put together his mountain bike. His bike has been in boxes under our bed for many years. We brought it out to Portland in the boxes and we brought it back from Portland in boxes and it was never put together in Portland.
I brought Piper outside to watch him test it out. She loved watching him and kept screaming and giggling as he road around.

It was a fun day and it got me super excited for spring and summer! I can't wait to spend lots of time outside on the bike trails and in the parks!!!

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