Friday, September 23, 2011

18 Months Old

Tomorrow Piper turns 18 months old. Yes it is hard to believe that I have a year and a half year old daughter but I have to say she's certainly acting her age.
She still loves books and her pink bunny blanket.

She goes nuts over trips to the library and the park.

She loves all animals (even creepy ones like snakes and bats) but her favorite animals are cats and horses.

She loves toast, cottage cheese (or ah cheese as she calls it), Qdoba, and any and all fruit.

She loves Sesame Street, Super Why, Blues Clues, and Wonder Pets.

She lets you know she's having fun by saying "Happy now".

She loves riding the mechanical horse at the grocery store but she doesn't freak out when it's out of order, she just says "neigh neigh broken".

She pretends to call Papa on the phone everyday but if he's actually on the phone she will not talk to him.

She knows most letters in the Alphabet but her favorite letter is W.

She loves bath time and play time.

She learns something new everyday.

She's the reason for the smile on my face.

Happy 18 month Birthday Piper!

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