Monday, September 19, 2011

Three Photos From The Last Three Days

Piper got to ride a horse again this weekend at an apple festival south of town. It was cold and busy and all Piper wanted to do was play in the bounce house. After about a half hour of her flailing around in the bounce house I finally had to crawl in and take her out. I guess she did enjoy the animals too but when I ask her about the apple farm she seems to only remember playing.
I took this photo at the park today. It's kind creepy and it  reminds me a little bit of The Shining.
It was a beautiful night tonight and Piper was able to get outside and play with the neighbor girls. She loves when they come over and draw with sidewalk chalk. She always seems to end up with more chalk on herself then on the driveway. Oh and yes that is my hubby riding bike in the background.


  1. Annie- When I first read your comment about the "creepy" picture, I couldn't see it. After scrolling, I then literally laughed out loud when I saw it because she's just so stinkin' cute- it's not creepy at all!! It's so fun watching her grow through all of your fabulous pictures and documenting on the blog. Thanks!

  2. Hey Katie! I'm glad your liking the blog. I'm not much of a writer but all the photos I take have to go somewhere. I do think she looks a little crazed in that photo though;)