Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fort Belmont

Today Piper and I met up with my mom in dad in Jackson Minnesota at Fort Belmont. I've been driving past Fort Belmont all summer seeing their sign for the Fort Belmont Rendezvous. I've used to go to Rendezvous as a child and I asked my parents if they wanted to meet us there. The sights and smells definitely brought back memories.

The Rendezvous was real small but we still had a great time. Piper loved the horse pulled wagon rides, and getting to go inside all the old buildings.

While my mom, Piper and I were checking out the fort tower and the sod house my dad was busy buying toys for his future grandson. Some how he managed to find him a bow and arrows and a sling shot. I told him these are toys baby boy will have to keep at Grandpa and Grandmas house.

We all had a lot of fun and here are some of my favorite photos from our little adventure.

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