Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Palisades State Park

We were all feeling a little cooped up yesterday and with the knowledge that it may be the last nice warm day for a while we decided to get out of the house and head to Palisades State Park.

We had a fun time exploring and letting Piper run around. Piper wasn't real interested in the hiking trails so Josh and I took turns going off on our own to check out a couple of the trails.

Piper loved trying to find grass hoppers and try to catch them. She also kept talking about something that Josh and I couldn't understand. We thought she was saying pine cone but we later found out she was saying play ground.
When we got home she told us all about the big rock that she and Josh sat on. I know her favorite part of the day was climbing on the playground and going down the slide but it sure felt good to get outside and get some fresh air.

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