Saturday, May 1, 2010

Being a Mom is a Pretty Great Job!

Piper is going to turn 6 weeks old on Wednesday and that means I'm halfway done with my maternity leave. Honestly I've been loving my time off and I've absolutely been loving getting to know my daughter. My whole life I've looked forward to being a mother and I also looked forward to balancing work and parenthood. It seemed like a no brainier to me, I would take my 12 weeks off and the go right back to my full time job. That was the plan up until a few months back. Sometime in early January my boss and his boss brought me into a quite room to let me know that my job was on the chopping block. I of course went home that night and cried. I had worked hard to get to where I'm at and It was a huge bummer that it was getting taken away. What was I going to do?

I have to say my job getting cut may be one of the biggest blessings ever. After discussing my options with my boss and my husband I think I may have found the best balance of work and parenting ever. At the beginning of the next fiscal year (July 1st) I will work part time on Josh's days off. This means Piper will not have to go to daycare, I'll get to spend the majority of my week with my little girl, and I will still get to work my job that I really love. How amazing is that!

July 1st is still a few months away and I still have to go back full time for 10 days once my leave is up but I'm really looking forward to this summer. Who knows if this balance of work and parenting will be as great as it sounds but I feel that position getting cut my be a very good thing. We'll see how it goes but I sure am looking forward to being a part time recreation leader and a full time mother!

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  1. Congrats to you, Annie! I think being a full-time mama is the most rewarding job ever and I have done nothing but enjoy it. I know you will, too! I love dropping by your blog here and there to see how you and your little girl are doing. =)

    6 weeks old already?! As annoying and cliche as that whole statement about time going faster once you have children is, it really does. Savor these moments because soon she'll be walking and babbling away...