Monday, May 24, 2010

Guess who's two months old today!

If you guessed little miss Piper then you are right!

This has been a big last month for little Piper.

She started fallowing things with her eyes.
She started smiling like crazy.
She started cooing and even tries to join in on conversations.
She stopped using the newborn insert on her little bath tub.
She fits into all her 0-3 month clothes.
She's lifting her head higher and higher during tummy time.
She went to her first party.

Today she tried out cloth diapers for the first time. I think both Piper, Josh, and I agree that they are the way to go. She's wearing her first pair from her cousins in the picture above. I was surprised with how well the fit her and they seem so much more comfortable the disposable diapers. We'll keep you all posted on how the cloth diapers go!

This has been an exciting month for our little family and I'm really excited to see with the next month will bring!

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