Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Monkey School

Yesterday Piper and I made our second trip to the zoo this week so we could attend Monkey School. Both of us love the little toddler classes at the Zoo. The whole way there she kept yelling "Monkey School!!!"

While we were waiting for the other children to show up they had us do a fine motor skills activity involving a lump of play dough, one uncooked noodle of spaghetti and cheerios. This activity kept Piper's attention for some time and I'm going to make sure I put it in my bag of tricks.
She also made a monkey mask that she was very proud of.
They brought in a  chinchilla for the children to pet and Piper was a little afraid of it. She just gave it a quick poke instead of a pet.

I have to laugh a bit because she gets super excited to pet snakes and lizards but when the animal is cute and cuddly she's gets scared.
Last but not least we went to visit the monkeys and lemurs in the monkey house. Piper loved when the zoo keeper let us know which one's were the moms and dads, and which ones were their babies.
Monkey school was a ton of fun and I can't wait until our next little class.

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