Monday, November 14, 2011

Painting and Posies

This morning while eating breakfast Piper started talking about painting. Josh had the morning off, I didn't have any plans and there were a couple of Thanksgiving crafts involving paint I wanted to try with Piper.
Things were going great until Piper decided it was more fun to paint herself. She had paint in her hair and all over her pajamas.
Needless to say she went right into the bath tub which of course she loved. Oh well, what do you expect when you paint with a toddler...things are bound to get messy.
I also wanted to share with you a quick video of Piper playing Ring Around the Rosie. My mom taught her how to play it a few weeks ago and then today Elmo was singing it on TV. She's been obsessed all day with it. She played it in her crib at nap time, she played it in the parking lot of a car dealership while Josh and I were looking at cars and she played it in her playroom tonight for a long time. Little things like this really show me how much she's growing up.

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