Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Fun!

"Halloween Fun!" Those were the words I woke up to hearing this morning.

We took Piper around the neighborhood to trick or treat last night. It was her first real trick or treating experience and I have to say she was a pro.
One of the more exciting houses was our neighbors across the street. They had their whole garage set up like a haunted house. Surprisingly Piper was not scared at all but was quite memorized.
I took Piper up and down our street trick or treating while Josh handed out candy. As we got closer to our house she wanted me to start carrying her so I decided I was done trick or treating. When we got back to our house she told Josh she wanted to trick or treat some more. He took her to a couple of housed around the corner. At the second house they went to she plopped down in the middle of their driveway and started eating candy. That was Josh's sign she was done for the night.
Hope you all had a Happy and safe Halloween! I hope to post 31 photos from October later today.

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