Friday, November 18, 2011

30 Weeks

30 down only 10 more to go. I have to admit the last two weeks have been a couple of the hardest weeks of this pregnancy so far. I'm starting to get big and uncomfortable. On top of that I've been dealing with some stomach issues that really have been wearing me down. My doctor thinks it's just a virus and my body is just having a extra hard time fighting it since I'm pregnant. I've felt pretty good the last couple of days so hopefully I'm getting better.

Josh and I also got to take a tour of the hospital this week. It's exciting and nerve wracking to think in just a few weeks we'll be spending some time there. It also brought back memories of when Piper was born. I have to say except for the pain of labor those are some of my favorite memories.

Speaking of Piper, we took any early morning shopping trip to Target today. Josh had worked the overnight so I thought I better get Piper out of the house so he could sleep in and I also had a Target gift card to use. I loaded up on diaper pail liners, mint M&Ms, and a few other needed toiletry items when I spotted the holiday dishes. I picked up a snowman cup and plate for Piper's snack time. Needles to say Piper loved snack time today. She also told me her water was extra delicious.

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