Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Paper Pumpkins

Back a few years ago when I started working at a community center in Portland I was shocked to find out that there was such a thing as toddler art classes. After teaching a few toddler art classes myself I realized how awesome doing arts and craft projects with kids 1- 3 years old can be.

We've recently started doing little art projects with Piper and she loves them. The other night we decided to make some little paper jack-o-lanterns with her. She's been obsessed with the five little pumpkins song pretty much her whole life so this project was right up her alley. Josh and I cut out the pieces for her and helped her glue them on the pumpkins. We also let her paint a little but she really liked the gluing part.

Now we have some more cute little Halloween decorations thanks to Piper.

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