Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Highlights from the last week

Sorry I've been a bit MIA from the blog this last week.Piper and I had a very busy trip to  Minnesota. Here are a few highlights.

My sister flew in for a visit. We picked her up at the airport and then swept her off to the Mall of America. After  Lunch at Tucci Benucch and a little shopping Emily took Piper on the Blues Clues ride at Nickelodeon Universe. Piper loved it so much!

We followed up the ride with a cookie (Piper picked out a pumpkin cookie) and a nice nap on the ride back to Mapleton.
The next day was my cousin Gina's Wedding. I was busy taking wedding photos but I managed to snap a few quick photos of Piper having a fun time. She got to meet and hang out with her cousin Colton.
She also had  a blast at the wedding dance.
She also had a signature dance move called the "Oh Fall Down".
The next couple of Days we were able to relax and spend time with my sister and Parents.
It was a very busy trip back to Minnesota but we had such a fun time.

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