Saturday, February 27, 2010

This and That

I've been meaning blog multiple posts this last week but between working late and the third trimester sleepiness I haven't had much luck. I'm going to try to squeeze everything into one post!

Today was an great day. My friends and co-works threw Josh and me a baby shower. We got so many cute things! Josh was a trooper he hates being the center of attention but he sucked it up and I think he even had a good time. We were able to have movie night tonight and finally watched The Hangover. I think we were possibly the last people on earth to see it...sorry Em we both really enjoyed it.

I've been having such crazy baby dreams these last couple of nights. I guess my mom and my sister have been having grand-baby and niece dreams too. In my latest dreams the baby comes and she has a baby body and Josh's head. I think It's because of this creepy website.

My little sis's Forensics (speech) team made their local news this week. My sis coaches forensics (speech) at Tennessee State. Check out the news story here!

In the last few weeks I've become obsessed with newborn photography. Here are a couple of the sights I've been looking at.
Lucy Lime Studios
Kerianne Brown Photography
I've been taking notes and I'm hoping that when the little lady finally comes she doesn't mind being my first model.

That's all for now.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

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