Sunday, February 14, 2010

Baby "want" List

It seems like I've wasted a lot of the last few months looking at baby products online. I created a baby registry at that has many of the things we need to make a safe and comfortable home for our little one. While setting up the registry I've found so many other products that I really like but really don't need. Here are a few of my favorites.

The Ergo Baby Carrier

I've seen a lot of parents using this particular baby carrier at work and while traveling. It is called the Ergo and had amazing reviews. Josh and I both love the idea of baby wearing and I pretty sure this is a product we're eventually going to invest in.

Etsy Prints
I would love to get a print with each one of the little one's initials...once we officially decide a middle name.

Black and White Flash Cards

I just love these flash cards!

Little Pumas

I love these crib shoes...I wear a pair that looks a lot like these in black they're just a little bigger.

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