Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Happy Birthday!

Piper turned 4 on Monday. Seriously the time flies by way too fast when you are a mom!

I thought I'd first share her birthday interview and then move on to all the fun photos from this past weekend.

How old are you? Four  

Who is your best friend? It's not Alex! Okay, then who is your best friend? The girl with the bows in her hair. Lauren? Yes Lauren

What is your favorite thing to do? Play with my friends.

What is your favorite color? Pink

What is your favorite food? Apples Are you sure? Yes Apples

What do you like to do with your family? Play Ball

What is your favorite toy? My Slide

What do you want to be when you grow up? A Princess

What makes you happy? Cap'n Crunch and baby bunny too. He starts with a B.

What makes you sad? Dexter, cause he takes my toys and breaks my things.

What is your favorite show to watch? Mickey Mouse on the Ipad

What is you favorite book? Spot's Birthday

What is your teachers name? Mrs. Nagel

What do you love to learn about? Crayons (I tried to dig deeper but she stuck with just crayons)

What was the best part of your birthday? Cake

Where do you like to go? To the park

What is your favorite treat? The Mickey Mouse treat that I got at Valentines day at my school... It had little candy Minnie Mouses in it. 

What do you think about before you fall asleep? Baby Bunny

If you could meet someone famous who would it be? Baby Bunny

What was your favorite Birthday present? Princess Twilight Spark Castle and Calico Critter Stuff

And that is what it looks like in Piper's brain as she turns 4. Feel free to check out last years interview here

We had a birthday party for her on Saturday at Chuck E Cheese. She loved it and had a blast. Dexter was a bit overstimulated and was happy to get home and take a nap. 

Piper was not interested in going in the ticket booth but her little friend took it on and did a great job.

On her a actual birthday we took her out to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant and she also got to open up her gift from Josh, Dexter and I.

We also found her photo from her 2nd birthday.

Happy 4th Birthday Piper! Love you so so much!

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  1. Oh my gosh! Love the interview and love the Mexican restaurant tradition! Happy birthday!