Thursday, September 19, 2013

Trip to Atlanta

Last Friday I hopped on a plane to visit my sister in Decatur Georgia. It was such a fun weekend. It went way too fast and I didn't take nearly enough photos. There were many times that I left my camera in my camera bag just so I could enjoy my time with my sis. 

Here are some of my favorites from my big girl camera and my iPhone from the trip. 

Shortly after hopping off the plane on Friday my sister swept me off to Eddie's Attic to listen to some live music. The band that was playing was Carolina Story and they were so good. Also this is so crazy but they are playing in Sioux Falls of all places next week. I will be going to see them play again. 

Saturday was our tourist day. We hit up the Sky View Atlanta Ferris wheel, the Coke Museum, the Atlanta Aquarium, drinks at the rotating bar at the top of the Westin and we also made sure to eat a King of Pops Popsicle. Emily's friend Bob was able to join us for the Aquarium and Westin and we also found her fiance James so he could join us for the Westin too.

Sunday we met up with a group of Emily's friends for what she calls the "vice loop". The "vice loop" aka "sin circle" consists of walking about a half mile to a doughnut shop and then on to a restaurant that has a Bloody Mary bar. After that we headed to Piedmont Park for an art festival, then on to East Atlanta for a drink and last we met back up with Emily's friend Bob for dinner in Decatur.

Like I said before it was an awesome and amazing weekend and I'm looking forward to bringing my whole family back next August!!

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