Saturday, September 7, 2013

Touch a Truck

Okay Emily, this post is for you....

Last night we headed to across town to a really fun event. It was called Touch a Truck and it was put on my the Parks Department. Basically they had all kinds of trucks there and kids could climb into the driver seat and also could see how some of the trucks worked. It was very cool and Dex thought it was the greatest thing ever. On the other hand Piper hates trucks. She told me they were too big and too loud and the only truck I could get her to check out was the Bookmobile. She also like the storm chasers because they had suckers. I ended up spending my evening watching Piper jump around in the inflatables while Josh and Dexter ran around and sat in just about every truck.

Here are a few photos from our fun night. 

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  1. Annie! Thank you!

    Dex is such a little man and Pipe is such a little nut!