Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Week Two of Kindergarten

This past weekend Josh the kids and I all headed to the sidewalk art festival downtown. Pipes and I found a booth of hair clips and head bands. While we were looking around she got super excited because there was and Inside Out bow. Inside Out is currently Piper favorite move and she says she even likes it better then Frozen.

She of course wanted to wear her new bow for picture day on Monday and then again on Tuesday. When I picked Piper up from school on Tuesday her teacher walked her to me and said “We had a meltdown this afternoon, she was playing outside at recess and lost her bow. But don’t worry I went outside and we found it.” I know how much Piper loves that bow and she doesn’t just have small meltdowns so I can only imagine that the meltdown was pretty major.

On the way hope Piper went on and on about how kind and wonderful her teacher is and how wonderful it was that she helped her find her bow. She said I must draw her a picture to thank her. So as soon as she got home that is what she did. I helped her with the spelling of thank you and love and made sure the picture got put her communication folder. I also told her it is probably best to only wear the bow on special days. These little lessons are the ones that don't come in a lesson plan. 

Up next in the circle is Terri Collins from Terri Collins Photography. Please keep heading around the circle to see her little one's first day of school. 

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  1. I love that you are teaching her the lost art of writing thank you notes!