Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Class of 2028 - Week 1

Today I start a new personal project. I will be documenting alongside a group of other mothers/photographers our children's journey's through kindergarten. 

Tuesday was her first day of school. I shed quite a few tears but she was already making new friends as soon as I had dropped her off. So far it looks like she is going to have a great year! 

Here's a look back on some of her other firsts she had this past summer. 

She lost her first tooth.

She went to soccer camp for the first time. 

She mastered the monkey bars.

She caught her first fish. 

She finally jumped in the pool. 

Now please follow the blog circle around!! Up next is Julie Moses | Palm Desert Documentary Photographer, the amazing woman who came up with the idea for this project! 


  1. What a fun summer of firsts! Man, her hair is amazing!

  2. I love that last one especially! Great captures from the summer!