Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Guest Post: Annie's little sister gets a StitchFix

Hey y'all, this is Emily - Annie's sister in Atlanta, Georgia.

Annie blogged about her StitchFix once or twice before, and you can check one of those posts out here. If you need a refresher, StitchFix is basically a personal shopping service - you schedule a "fix," pay a $20 styling fee, and receive five items picked for you. Your $20 fee goes toward the purchase of any of the items, the rest get shipped back for free, and if you keep all five you get a %25 discount.

This was my fourth fix over the course of 2014/2015.

I am generally happy with what my stylists' choose for me, and have kept at least two items from every fix. This time was different.....

For the first time, I'm going to keep everything. Thanks, Stylist Lynsi!

I enlisted my husband to take some photos. As you might notice, he and I are not photographers like my sister. I attempted to edit/crop these, but my tools and sense of artistry are quite limited.

The first thing I pulled out of the box was this Market & Spruce Brentwood Tiered Striped Long Sleeve Sheath Dress. Did you get all that? Quite a name, eh?

I put it on here without a shaper or tights just to see how it looked. I really like it, and know that some type of base layer will make it look even better. My stylist suggested that I could wear it to work, which led to the following conversation:

Me: "I don't know if I can wear this to work. There is a LOT of butt here. It's probably too scandalous for work."

Husband: "But it does work for SCANDAL!"

*Chases me around the house*


This was the first time I made a request for a specific item. I asked for simple, skinny, black pants that I could wear to work. Boy, did Lynsi deliver. She sent these Margaret M Emer High Waisted Cropped Trousers.

I can't even buy pants for myself! How is someone else so good at finding pants for me!? They fit, they are comfortable, they are high quality, and they're stretchy enough that they would look nice on bloaty days and skinnier days. My apologies for the word "bloaty."

Also pictured here is the Fate Humboldt V-Neck Pullover. It's a basic grey v-neck with some funky gold zippers on the side. This is probably not something I would keep when shopping in a store, but it cost nearly half the amount of the discount I got if I kept everything in my Stitch Fix. I'll wear it. 

The next item was probably my second favorite in the bunch. The Laila Jayde Placer Knit Poncho in Teal Green is not a style of top I would usually pick out for myself, but the color, length, and super soft fabric was right up my alley. You can't quite see the length here, but it does fully cover my butt, which suddenly makes it wearable with a lot of different pant/tight options. 

After I put this on, I immediately had an irresistible urge to drink cocoa and read books in front of a fireplace. If you buy this, beware of the urge to become a cliche from a romance/spy novel. It's almost too cozy...

My last piece is another great item for work: the Mystree Jackie Striped French Terry Asymmetrical Jacket. I'm guessing Lynsi looked at my Pinterest page or maybe snuck into my actual closet when I wasn't looking, because blazers & sweaters with asymmetrical zippers are my JAM. 

It's a little short, but I will wear it. Probably all of the time. 

Now, witness the devolution of the husband and wife photography session: 

So, thems the threads. If you're interested in learning more about StichFix, check out my referral page here.  Thanks to my sis for letting me crash her blog!

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