Monday, April 22, 2013

Another Snow Day

So so so so sick of this winter!!! The novelty of snow has totally worn off and the kids could care less. Today we hung out inside almost all day. Piper lounged in our bed and read my nook. We colored a lot, I even got out the blow pens. We went outside for a total of 5 minutes. I spent 20 minutes getting the kids bundled up and ready to go play in the snow. As soon as we got out there Piper said it was too cold and Dexter refused to leave on his mittens so we headed inside for bath time.   

While we were outside we did manage to head over to our neighbors to bring them a thank you note. They brought us cookies around 4:30 and I told them Josh was out flying. Since they knew I was home alone with the kids they came over and shoveled our driveway and front sidewalk. How do you even thank someone for that much kindness?!?! We are so lucky to have such wonderful neighbors! 

Anyway here are some photos from our snow day.

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