Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Week

We've been back from our "Easter Vacation" in Minnesota for a few days now. I'm finally getting around to making a blog post about our fun and busy trip.  I'm going to try to break down the busy 8 day trip for you all the best I can so here it goes....

On Thursday 5th we arrived at my parents house. Piper was so happy to see my parents and Taco the cat!
On Friday I took the kids up the cities to see Josh's parents. Piper and Orla (Gammy) took Piper's bunnies for a walk around the block.
On Saturday the kids and I attended a tea party bridal shower for Josh's cousin Jenna. Piper was completely exhausted by the time the shower was over but had a ton of fun with her Gammy and cousin Ruby. (Photo taken by Kristi Mussman).
Sunday was Easter and Piper and Dexter loved their Easter baskets. Piper sorted through it very slowly. Easter mass was beautiful and in the afternoon we had a Easter egg hunt with Jared and Rachel Fields.
On Tuesday I took the kids to visit my Aunt Phyllis, Uncle Tony, Cousin Gina, and my cousin Tony's two adorable kids in Mankato.
On Wednesday I took the kids to the Children's museum Mankato. Piper's favorite part was the safety goggles.
We had a fun Easter vacation in Minnesota and on the way back to South Dakota Piper said "My Easter is over". It was an unforgettable week!

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