Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Fun

We have been having a blast doing Easter crafts and activities the last couple of weeks! Tonight we headed over to my aunts house to dye eggs with her granddaughter Shayne. We were brave and decided to try dying our eggs with Kool-aid, an idea I found on Pinterest. As you can see they turned out beautiful and they also smell really nice! Also Piper was a natural at dying eggs. I was such a proud mama!

Make sure you check out the original blog post about dying your Easter eggs with Kool-aid here.

 This morning Piper painted a little  bunny that we picked up at Michaels.
 She loves her little bunny and he is currently sitting in her Easter Basket.
Piper has also been busy doing some crafts I discovered on Pinterest. We have a ton of white pompoms so these crafts were a great way to use some of them up.
 Here's the link to the little lamb craft.
 Here's the link to the paper plate bunny craft.

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  1. Hey Annie! Thanks for the suggestion! We used Kool-aid tonight for Zi's Easter eggs and they turned out great!!