Monday, June 20, 2011

Auntie Em

One of the best things about this last month is my sister has been around. She's spending some time in the Mid-west before she starts school in Atlanta in the fall. Piper is so in love with her Auntie Em.
We've been working on teaching Piper to say Emily...but Emily is a really hard word to say.
Piper was calling her Girl for a while but Emily wasn't real wild about that. For some reason recently Piper has started calling her Elmo. It must be the red hair.

Piper loves playing with Auntie Em! It's been so much fun watching them spend time together!

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  1. Hey Annie! It's Anna Mertens. How are you? I am coming back to SF on August 8th, will Emily still be around at that time? I would love to see you both....