Friday, January 10, 2014

Butterfish House

I promised the kids that as soon as they were both healthy I would take them to the butterfly house (or as Josh calls it the Butterfish house). 

The kids love the aquarium! 

The butterfly part is another story. I could seriously go to the butterfly house and take photos for hours but Piper is deathly afraid of the butterflies. In years past they had made her nervous but this year she just clung to Josh and I and begged to go back and see the fish. She told us she was afraid of stepping on them and of the butterflies landing on her head. 

Dexter on the other had loved the butterflies. He told me he wanted to catch them which makes me nervous because I know what he does to crickets and earth worms once he catches them. Eek

All in all it was a great trip to the butterfly house we will just have to have a plan for Piper our next trip. 

1 comment:

  1. These are beautiful! I especially love the ones with the rays. Also, I love how the one with Pipe & Dex on the bridge truly reveals their contrasting feelings about the butterflies. He's so in awe and she is shutting down.