Thursday, February 28, 2013

28 photos from February

There are lots of smiles, tears and a few milestones in this set of photos. Also the first photo is not a picture of either of my children but of a sweet little one year old that I had a photo shoot with on February 1st.

I'm looking forward to March and crossing my fingers for some warm days and more photos outside! Until then enjoy a photo from each day of February.


  1. i really love these annie! especially the one of your daughter swirling! really spectacular!

  2. Annie..These are all sooooo soooooooo good!!!! I hate when that happens, because then I get to the end and just get disappointed that there aren't any more images to see :( LOL Seriously though, you are amazing, and I loved each and every single one! Your capture of your daughter twirling through hole in the tent, ah-mazing! And the doggy on her shoulder really got me :) Your son's expressions are just priceless..New fan..You rock!