Thursday, December 13, 2012

Drum Set and Coffee

Piper wants to be a drummer when she grows up. Since we don't own any drums she makes her own drum sets where ever and when ever she can. Today she decided to make her little drum set using items from the pantry. The nice thing was Josh had taken Dex with him to run errands so she could play away with out her little brother wrecking her drum set. 

Well when her brother got home disaster happened. Of course Dex went right for Piper's home made drum set. Josh and I were putting putting thing that he and Dex had purchased when we turned around and saw this mess.

By the time we had realized what had happened it was too late to really do anything. He had dumped out the whole container of coffee. First thing we both did was get out the camera and take some pictures. Then we cleaned up the mess. The smell of coffee was so overpowering in our house...yuck!

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