Friday, September 21, 2012

Kids Update

 I have not been the best blogger lately. The kids are growing and changing so fast so here's an update.

Little Dex is into everything and is really trying to climb the steps.
He loves meal time and will eat just about anything and he loves his cheerios and poofs. 
He now has 2 teeth.
He can clap! He hasn't figured out the waving thing yet.
He loves giving high fives and kisses.
 Piper just had her 2 and a half year appointment this week.
She is 35.5 inches tall.
She is 25.5lbs and in the 11%! Her doctor is quite proud that Piper is back on the growth chart.
We're working on potty training. She has not pooped in her diaper for almost a month but we are still working on the pee thing.
She test us a lot on rules but for the most part she is a very good girl.

 Here's a few photos of the kiddos.

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