Tuesday, August 16, 2011

17 Weeks!

I'm already 17 weeks pregnant! Wow this pregnancy is flying by! Honestly I feel bad sometimes because I forget I'm pregnant. During Piper's pregnancy I was so aware of every little ache and strange feeling. With this pregnancy I'll be talking to someone and they will ask me how I'm feeling and it will take me a couple seconds to realize why they are asking me that.

Just so you all know I am feeling great! They baby is already moving a ton and so far we are both doing pretty awesome.
One of the main reasons this pregnancy is going so well is Piper keeps me on my toes and keeps me smiling. Tonight we decided to go for a walk and then we headed over to the DQ for a little treat. For some reason Josh thought it would be a great idea to let Piper hold his Dilly Bar. She thought it was the greatest thing ever.
Needless to say she went right into the bathtub when we got home.

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