Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Colony

The first time I learned about the book The Colony by John Tayman was a few years back. I was still living in Minnesota and I was driving from Mankato to Mapleton listening to Fresh Air on NPR. Terry Gross was interviewing the author of the Colony John Tayman. He was talking about a place that I knew very little about...Molokai Hawaii. He was talking about a place where people who were diagnosed with leprosy were sent to die. The thing that shocked me the most was people were being sent there as recent and the 1960's. I finally got my hands on a copy...I learned a lot from this book. The whole idea of sending people into exile because of a disease that is just not understood seems so strange to me but it also seems like something that could happen again. I would recommend this book. It was extremely interesting...the author also used personal accounts to tell the story and that made the book that much more captivating .

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  1. I heard about this book, I can't remember where though....